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Wilmington New Home Studio

Buy your new home in Wilmington with Wade Jurney Homes! Our online process makes it easy for you to purchase your new home in Wilmington and the Coastal Carolina area. Wilmington is home to the UNC Wilmington campus, amazing beaches, amusement parks, golfing, and more! View our Coastal Carolina and Wilmington communities below, or stop by our New Home Studio in the New Centre Market. Get your lowest price, guaranteed with Wade Jurney Homes!

4719 New Centre Drive, Ste. H, Wilmington,

Phone 910-613-0695

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am-7pm

Deer Crossing 6507 Rustling Leaves Way, Wilmington Starting from $183,990 Or $899.62/month Disclosure 1601–3405 sq ft View Community
Ocean Heights Elton Avenue, Carolina Beach Starting from $201,990 Or $987.63/month Disclosure 1901 sq ft View Community
The Reserve at Holly Ridge 233 Chalet Road, Holly Ridge Starting from $141,990 Or $694.26/month Disclosure 1437–2304 sq ft View Community
Trifield Estates Landover Drive, Richlands Starting from $183,990 Or $899.62/month Disclosure 2304-3405 sq ft View Community
Brookstone 2291 East Brookstone Drive, Bolivia Starting from $113,990 Or $557.36/month Disclosure 1513–2007 sq ft View Community
Lighthouse Cove Lighthouse Cove Loop, Calabash Starting from $170,000 Or $831.22/month Disclosure 1510–2603 sq ft View Community
Rutledge Rutledge Cross Southwest, Shallotte Starting from $224,990 Or $1100.09/month Disclosure 2410–3405 sq ft View Community
Myrtle Grove 294 Blue Rock Drive, Longs Starting from $117,990 Or $576.91/month Disclosure 1300–3405 sq ft View Community
Sierra Woods Livingston Circle, Little River Starting from $184,990 Or $904.51/month Disclosure 1826-3209 sq ft View Community
Woodland Valley Timber Creek Drive, Loris Starting from $180,990 Or $884.95/month Disclosure 1800-2805 sq ft View Community
Richmond Hills 178 Fort Charles Dr NW, Supply Starting from $167,990 Or $821.39/month Disclosure 1800–3405 sq ft View Community
Pike Crossing Hawk Hollow Trail, Burgaw Starting from $180,000 Or $880.11/month Disclosure 1826-2603 sq ft View Community
Riverwatch Willow Bridge Drive, Stella Starting from $200,990 Or $982.74/month Disclosure 2045-2805 sq ft View Community
Sewell Fields of Verona Sewell Rd, Jacksonville Starting from $180,000 Or $880.11/month Disclosure 1800-2304 sq ft View Community
Wilmington South 8th Street, Wilmington Starting at $110,990 Or $542.69/month Disclosure 1000 sq ft View Community